Smart Ways To Get High Quality Backlinks To Your Website in 2021


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One of the easy ways to increase your search engine ranking is by creating high-quality backlinks. It is still a great strategy to build your credibility among internet users and different search engines. A backlink, in layman’s terms, is a link to your website from a highly credible DA authority website. As search engines such as Google indirectly measure the quality of a website by considering the referrer, it is worth the effort to create backlinks to your website if you are working on other SEO techniques.


It is a fact that any good website that has a high ranking on Google has high-quality backlinks. Pick any website that shows up on the top of search engine results and analyze it using site analysis tools and has the number of backlinks backing it on the internet. You will see the best sites having hundreds and thousands of backlinks supporting them. So this puts the argument about backlinks making zero effect on the SERP to rest. As a website owner, if you have an interest at growing your website to make money, you have to think about investing your time and energy into building high-quality organic backlinks. If you are wondering how to get quality backlinks on the internet, here are some tips you can follow.


Do not write content for Google. Write it for your visitors.

We all know that high-quality content is consumed and enjoyed by readers. It creates interest and intrigue, which in turn has the potential to switch into sales. As you publish fresh and new content based on your research, case study, survey, and analysis, the visitors get a new perspective on a specific topic and are engaged on your website in the right way.  The content that is readable and has useful, valuable information gets the audience. So after writing a few great quality blog posts, contact sites with high Alexa ranking offer guest writers the space to publish their content. Ask them if you can leave a link at the end of the article.


Find the links that were once popular and now are dead- Broken Link Building.

Broken link building might seem like a black hat SEO technique. But it is not. If you can revive a site that is dead with good quality content,  you can benefit from it greatly. It is one of the quick and effective ways to build backlinks to your site. It takes some research to find the websites that were popular a few months ago and are now dead because of hosting issues or the website owner closing the site. Once finding such places, contact the owner and buy the domains. Often you will have a good bargain on the price since the owner is not interested in having the domain name live. The broken links bought should be related to the niche of your parent website. Many tools available on the internet will help you to find broken links after specifying the niche and a few keywords related to your site.


Guest Blogging

If you are looking for the most organic way to create backlinks, then guest blogging is the best and reliable way to do it. Guest posting has been around for a while, and it has increased in popularity in 2021.  Other than helping you to gain visitors to your website, you get subscribers and followers for your social media channels. To publish a guest post, you need to find sites similar to that of yours. If you find this hard, search for websites that have a list of guest posting websites. Also importantly, before you finalize, decide on submitting a guest post to a site, make sure that it is reputed and receives considerable traffic.


If you have found that backlink building is challenging and time-consuming, it doesn’t hurt if you take help from the best SEO service providers in Florence. The SEO companies, such as Best SEO Spartanburg SC, offer quality backlinks at an affordable price.